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Registration and Enrollment

An Explanation of Enrollment Information

For the convenience of new resident and potential open enrollment students, Triad Local Schools has added the enrollment packet to the website.   This information is also located in the office of each district building.  Enrollment usually falls into three categories; resident enrollment student, court-placed (foster) student and open enrollment student.

Resident/Court Placed Enrollment Student – a student who resides within the Triad School District.  All resident students are accepted for enrollment without restriction.  Parents enrolling resident students should read and/or fill out and submit the following paperwork:

(1) Enrollment Letter – This letter lists all the information Triad must have on file BEFORE a student may begin attending.

(2) Triad Registration Form – This form contains information regarding the student, the parent and any court decisions concerning custody issues.

(2A) Triad Registration Race-Ethnicity Form – The State of Ohio requires this information.

(2B) Triad Registration Custody Statement – This form is for parents of children where a court agreement was never drawn up for custody purposes.

(2C) Permission for Step Parent – This forms is to be filled out by custodial parent to allow the district to discuss educational outcomes, such as test/quiz grades, report cards, missing homework, scheduling information, and information generally shared in parent/teacher calls or conferences with step parent.

(2E) Residency Verification– Form to be filled out by parent/ landlord or home owner to verify student residency.  This form is not needed if parent can provide other form of verification such as household invoices (utility bill, satellite bill, home-installed phone bill, etc.)

(3) Records Request Form – This form is sent to the school district in which the student previously attended.  It requests student records, grades, program information and other data needed for enrollment to Triad. 

(4) EMR – Emergency Medical Release – This 2 page form expresses either consent or denial to seek medical attention for the student should an emergency arise and to administer Tylenol if necessary.  This form also lists contact information for those individuals who have authority to make decisions in an emergency situation as well as individuals given permission to sign a student out.  Other medical forms used on an as needed basis are:

(4a) Form 5330 F1 –     Request and Authorization to administer prescribed medication / treatment

(4b) Form 5330 F1a –   Request and Authorization to administer non-prescribed medication / treatment

(4c) Form 5330 F3 –     Request and Authorization for possession /use of asthma inhaler

(4d) Form 5330 F4 –     Request and Authorization for possession /use of epi-pen

(4e) Form 5330 F5 –     Information concerning any student with a medically-documented food allergy

(4f)  Form 5320 F2 -     This form is only needed if parent cannot provide proof of immunization.

(5) Pupil Location Card –    This is printed on a 4x6 card. Parent will be asked to fill out at the actual card when enrolling.  This card will be used by the transportation department for busing information.

(6) Transportation Letter – This contains information parents should know concerning the rules and regulations of riding buses to and from school.

(7) Triad Contact Information – This sheet gives parents all the school contact information including building titles, addresses, phone numbers, administrator names, etc.  We recommend parents post this information by the home phone.

(8) New Parent Survey – In an effort to serve our students and parents ever more efficiently, we respectfully request new parents to the district fill out this one page survey.

(9) Building Survey – This very short survey relates to the welcome atmosphere of the elementary, middle school or high school.

(10) Kindergarten Readiness ChecklistElementary Only – This checklist gives parents of kindergarten-aged children an idea of the readiness of their child to attend school.

(11) Kindergarten Parent SurveyElementary Only – This checklist will serve as an assessment tool for kindergarten-aged children.

(12) Change of Address & Phone Number – This form is not needed for enrollment but it is important for parents to remember to fill out and give to the building secretaries when any contact information changes.

Foster/Court Placed Enrollment Student – a student who is court-placed within the Triad School District.  All foster/court placed students are accepted for enrollment without restriction.  Parents enrolling foster/court placed students should read and/or fill out and submit the same paperwork as a resident student, with the follow addition:

(2D) Foster Child FormFor Court-Placed Only - This form, along with required court documents which designate the school district responsible for tuition costs, will assist the fiscal office in filling out forms required by the State of Ohio.

Open Enrollment Student – a student who resides in the state of Ohio but outside of Triad Local School District.  There are rules and regulations regarding open enrollment.  Please read Open Enrollment policy for more information.  Some restrictions for accepting an open enrolled students are:
(a) Class Capacity - Open enrollment students are accepted on a first come – first served basis.  Once class capacity has been reached, no open enrollment applications will be approved for this class. 
(b) Program Eligibility may be an issue if the student enrolling needs special education services and the pupil/teacher ratio for that program is at the maximum allowed.
(c) Athletic Eligibility may be an issue if the student is coming in as a 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student and was involved with athletics in their home school district the previous year. See the OSHAA Link (choose ELIGIBILITY and then Guidelines for Student Eligibility).  For clarification on those restrictions, please call Triad High School 937-826-3771 and ask for the Athletic Director.

(1A) OPEN ENROLLMENT APPLICATION – This form IS NOT a registration form.  It is an application to be approved by the superintendent.  The superintendent will approve the open enrollment or give an explanation of why open enrollment was denied.  Once applications for open enrollment are approved, parents should read and/or fill out and submit the same enrollment paperwork as resident students.

Parents who would like to open enroll students should read:
(1B) INTER-DISTRICT O. E. POLICY before filling out (1A) Open Enrollment Application .

Open Enrollment Questions regarding the enrollment process may be addressed by calling the Triad Board Office at 937-826-4961; option 1 (Superintendent’s Office).